Vision for Helping People

I am in very much in favour of human rights regardless of religion, nationality, caste or faith.

I have always wanted to serve humanity and, when I can, I give my time and financial support to many charities.

Although I now realise that I can't do this immediately, when I started my peace journey I thought of setting up an organisation to work non-politically for some specific causes.  The name I chose for this organisation was the 'Star Malik Peace Centre' (SMPC), to mark my historic journey.

My plan was to to involve celebrities from both countries and for us to to work on four areas of need:

Pakistan and India Relationship


I see the need for practical help as:

  • Providing services for people held by the authorities in both countries for mistaken border and sea crossings – with the aim of reuniting them with their families
  • Providing support to those having difficulties with visas to see relatives across the border
  • Supporting cross-border cultural activities for better understanding between the two countries

Women's Rights


All religions in the world teach us to respect women and treat them equally. Being a Muslim, I was taught in the Quran to respect women's rights and their choice to live a free and fruitful life. Although there is some progress in women's rights, many still suffer from inequality, sexual harassment and abusive relationships. Their basic human rights are being ignored. 

 I see the need to:

  • Provide help and support for women to stand on their own feet:
  • Employment
  • Housing 
  • Health support
  • Legal advice.



Children are our future. It is unfortunate that a minority of children in Pakistan and India are still being made to work. 

I see the need for:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for children to better their lives
  • Education
  • Health care

The Elderly


Elderly people living in villages of Pakistan and India sometimes don't have enough resources for health treatments and living, especially in the case of the sudden loss of the breadwinner in the family.  

I see the need for:

  • Support to those elderly folk for food, shelter and medical help
  • Day centres in their local areas so they can have better life in their later days

What I have decided to do


Being a 38 year-old single man with so many things in my life to take care of, I have had to accept that the time is not yet right for me to take such an ambitious step as starting my own organisation.  The time and effort required for this is beyond me at present:  my motive is to serve humanity and I need to find people to work with me that think the same way, in particular when it comes to fundraising to cover all the expenses.  I hate greed and corruption and this needs this to be made absolutely clear to everyone I am involved with.

So, I have decided for the time being to give my support to existing government-approved charities working in these fields – starting by donating the proceeds of the auction of the Peace Journey car.  (For more information please see "Auctioning Car" page.

What you can do


'We should thank God that we are living a good life and show our support for others who deserve it.'  Star Malik


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