Itinerary – So far

Out of the 21 countries I planned to take my message to, I have visited 19 and have only two to go: Pakistan and India.

As you will see from the videos on my social media accounts, even in Europe and the Gulf, such a journey is not easy to undertake alone.  I do everything myself: all my own driving, meeting arrangements, media interviews and filming. During my time in the Gulf, in fact, I was praised for being a " One Man Army " by a prominent Pakistani gentleman living there.

I haven't set a date for the start of my final leg yet. I have much preparation to do, such as arranging security and dealing with many complicated technical matters – as well as waiting for other issues to resolve themselves.

For updates about my preparations for this last leg of my journey, please continue to follow me on social media.

Be assured, I am determined to complete my journey before too long – even if it takes months or years to get ready. One day, InshAllah, I will be on the road again.

First Leg


Start date and time

12-12-12 at 12:12:12. 

54 days on the road

Second Leg


Start date and time

17-06-14 at 17:06:14 

93 days on the road


United Kingdom to Belgium via France


Belgium to The Netherlands 

The Netherlands to Germany

Germany to Denmark 

Denmark to Norway via Sweden 

Norway to Sweden 

Sweden to Denmark 

Denmark to Luxembourg via Germany 

Luxembourg to Switzerland via France

Switzerland to Italy via France

Italy to Austria via Germany 

Austria to Italy via Germany 

Italy to Spain via France 

Spain to France 

France to United Kingdom 

Middle East

 Kuwait to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Bahrain

Bahrain to Qatar 

via Saudi Arabia

Qatar to Oman 

via Saudi Arabia and UAE

Oman to UAE 


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