Support Me

This project is already supported internationally by a wide range of




social organisations
women's organisations
children's organisations
human rights organisations

Many other people from India and Pakistan living both home and abroad also continue to encourage me to accomplish this project.

They know I am not part of any political party or organisation. I am just an individual who passionately believes in promoting peace, human rights and serving humanity.

I do not ask for financial support for my projects from the public. It has been my privilege to pay for my travels myself.

You can support me in building a movement for peace by sharing my videos, website and other social media with your friends and colleagues. 

Wherever Pakistanis and Indians come together you can also use one of the posters provided.  For example:

 Your workplace

Sports events especially India v Pakistan fixtures
Inter-faith gatherings
Social events

Do let me know of your successes!

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