About Me

In response to enquiries from fans and media interviewers about me personally, here are some fun facts.

Names you known as?   

Star Malik 

Chocolate Man

Date of birth?   

23 Aug - Eid day

Place of birth?   





Music, movies, travelling

What do you say about your complexion?

I am so much blessed, I am a bit dark

What is impressive about your personality?

I am an honest and caring person

What you hate most? 

When someone tries to make a fool of me

Why are you still not married at 38?

Heart broken by a beautiful Pakistani lady who lives in Texas, USA

Favourite food?

Mexican, Biryani, Nihari, Paye, Nandos

What you eat for breakfast?

Paratha & Tea

Your home town in Pakistan?

Rawalpindi & educated in Islamabad

Favourite dress?


Favourite chocolate?

Kit Kat

Favourite singer?

Rahat Fateh Ali - Sukhvinder Singh - Sonu Nigam - Udit Narayan

Favourite movies?




Dil tou pagal hai

Chocolate (Hindi)

Favourite songs?

Bhed mei tanhai mei

Malang Malang

Humko hami se chura lo

Khat mei ne tere naam

Aik baar aja aja

Dard e disco

Tera dil mere pass rehne de

Toba toba ishq mei karya

Jaan leva

Nazar se nazar mile

Ya Ali (Gangster)

Favourite personalities?

Imran Khan 

Amitabh Bachan

Who inspired you most in your life?

Down to earth

Never lies


Clean heart



Your favourite country?

Of course, UK but also Pakistan, Kuwait and America

Your favourite place to visit?

Texas (America)

How do you want the world to be?

Peaceful with no discrimination on any basis: colour, religion or nationality

What do you want to do in your life?

Support those who deserve it most as much as I can

Can you sum yourself up in one sentence?

I am a fighter who never gives up..

people who know me closely, know this very well .. lol


Family history

My father was born in Sialkot city - British India in what is now Pakistan. His father served in the British Army in the UK from 1940 - 1945 and later moved to Kuwait where the whole family, including my father joined him.

My mother was born in the then British territory of Kenya as a British citizen, where her family had settled in the 1940s, also from what is now Pakistan. Her father was a prominent international businessman whose business took him to the USA, Africa, Middle East and many Europe countries during the 1960s.

After independence, both families moved back to their family hometown in the newly created Pakistan for a few years which is where my parents met and were married – then moving to Kuwait.

After spending early years with my siblings in Kuwait, in 1984, when I was five, the family moved to London. During the next few years the family moved backwards and forwards between the UK, Kuwait and Pakistan, before finally settling down in the UK.



During my teenage years in Pakistan I developed a great desire to be a sportsman inspired by such heroes as Imran Khan.  This desire to be a cricketer was so intense that I managed to excel as a schoolboy batsman, scoring ten centuries and five fifties in the 20 matches I played against other schools in the 1994 season.

I earned the rare opportunity to attend Imran Khan's Cricket Clinic trials in 1994 and was later selected for an under-sixteen camp at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. The Dawn, the English daily newspaper in Islamabad published a headline, "250 players selected from bulk of 5000" and I was one of the 28 players fortunate enough to be selected out of those 250.

During the rigorous final selection when I had only faced two balls, play was stopped as Imran Khan arrived to inspect the trials. On seeing my legendary cricketing icon I was so inspired and overwhelmed that when the trial resumed I hit 2 boundaries and two 6s from the eight balls allocated to me. Imran Khan was so impressed by my batting technique that he called me over and, putting his arm around my shoulder, he said "If you continue to play like this you will surely establish yourself in the Pakistan cricket team."

Anwar Maqsood, the team selector who was present then included my name for the under-sixteen team to tour South Africa & Australia. As it turned out this was the peak of my short career – though it is one of which I am still very proud.  I never did get to go on the tour.  My head master and parents decided that my academic studies were suffering because of my extreme focus on cricket and decided against any further involvement in cricket. At the time professional sport was not seen as a preferred career option.



Even though my dream of becoming a cricketer was over, I still believed I could excel elsewhere. Being influenced by Bollywood movies and the legendary Amitabh Bachan, I was inspired to take up an acting career. After moving to the UK, I enrolled to study acting at West London College located in Hammersmith and to study dance at the Pineapple Dance Studio. My goal was to prepare myself for the acting career by the time I reached 25.  Again my path was blocked when family responsibilities forced me to give up my studies and take on the more conventional role of breadwinner.


Work for the community

Interested in the welfare of the community, at the age of 20, I became a volunteer member of the UK Labour Party to help campaign for local councillors and Members of Parliament. For a while I also worked as a volunteer at the local office of the Racial Equality Council in London and for some other services. 

My business career

For a number of years, I was proprietor of "Star Chauffeur Services" a car service licensed by Transport for London, operating in the West London area.

I am currently developing a new import/export business while keeping my options open for other opportunities.


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