Auctioning the ‘Peace Mission Car'

The ‘Peace Mission Car' will be publicly auctioned with the help of the media from both countries after I reach my final destination. The proceeds of the auction will be handed over to government officials of each country to donate to approved welfare charities in Pakistan and India. To generate interest in the auction I am working to involve as many celebrities from each country as possible.

I am very grateful to the Pakistani and Indian channels who have already offered live programme coverage from their studio for the auctioning event.

During my travels in Europe and Middle Eastern countries, a considerable number of overseas Pakistanis and Indian businessmen, dignitaries and politicians expressed an interest in bidding in the auction. Among the thousands of supporters I met in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Bahrain and Kuwait many told me they are passionately waiting to place their bids when the time comes for the auction – mentioning very generous figures.

I designed the styling of the vehicle myself – trying out many different ideas. The final design has flags of all the countries on my itinerary stuck on the sides. Each one has been ticked off as I visited the country. The rear and front part of the vehicle contains messages promoting peace between India and Pakistan, with eye catching pictures of me on the sides as well. More than £2,000 was spent on the preparation of the vehicle. 

To register your interest in the ‘Peace Mission Car’ auction please send your details to and information will be provided to you about when and how the auction will operate. 


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