During my 24,000 mile (39,000 kilometers) journey I was greeted and supported by thousands of extraordinary people. My heartfelt thanks goes to them all. They made all I have done worthwhile. Their support continues, as I receive fantastic messages of encouragement by email and social media from people all over the world.


My sincere thanks goes to the members of the Pakistani and Indian communities in all the countries I visited, as well as the many celebrities, sportsmen and women, politicians and peace organisations that have encouraged and supported me.

I would like to give a special mention to the people of Great Britain which I see as an incredible example of a country that enjoys peace and tolerance and where everyone is treated equally without the bias of religion, race and nationality.

On a practical note, my epic journey would not have been possible without the generosity and logistical support given by Thames Honda.

Finally, our family is very lucky to have the invaluable support of my mother. She helps us with her knowledge and guidance in good times and tough times. Her understanding of the world came from studying in Kampala, Uganda (Senior Cambridge), during the last years of the British Empire, with fellow students who were predominately American and European. Her personal value system has helped me to be the man I am today and without her none of my accomplishments would have been possible.


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